Biking without obstacles

Riding to work with the e-bike

Movement with a fun factor

Just hop on and take off. Straight to work through traffic jams and without delays. Only red lights can stop you. E-biking is a lot of fun. Arrive at your destination relaxed and fit. This is how commuting makes everyday life more vivacious.

Commuting with the e-bike
Daily trips without sweating

Fast on the move

Flexibility on the road, everything is quick and uncomplicated. Not having to commit to fixed times while saving money at the same time. Simply recharge the battery while you are at work. It's like filling up for free. The neodrives drive unit makes less use of the chain and pinion. This reduces maintenance intervals and costs. The investment in a pedelec will be worth your while!

"I like living in the suburbs. However, my job takes me to Hamburg city centre, about 9.6 km away from where I live. The city traffic jam has wasted a large portion of my life. The decision for a pedelec was therefore easy. As a frequent rider I was convinced by the low-maintenance rear motor. And yes, the driving experience was like love at first sight".

Markus S. from Hamburg, architect

neodrives drive system Z20

The neodrives system has three components: a motor, a battery and an LCD. Get to know the individual components of the drive system and their advantages. 

E-bike brands with neodrives

City, trekking or cargo bike. Many bicycle manufacturers install drive systems from neodrives. Here you will find an overview of all brands.

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