Touring is balm for the soul

E-bike riding with assistance

Reaching new heights with neodrives

Whether short trips in the vicinity or mountain passes in South Tyrol - everything is possible! The machine winding and electronics of the motor have been effectively redesigned. The thermal stability has been significantly improved. The force sensor responds even more smoothly and ensures balanced riding behaviour with the rear drive.

E-bike tours with the neodrives rear drive
Bike tours with the neodrives rear motor

Excursions with added value

Get away and discover something new. A short holiday for body and soul. Enjoy new places quietly and expand your radius of activity. The assistance of the neodrives rear motor awakens new powers in you.

"Escaping everyday life and doing something for my health is a good combination for me. Range plays an important role to me. Energy recovery downhill is a great thing. Friends and neighbours almost all ride with mid-drive motors, but mainstream is something anyone can do. With neodrives I truly stand out."

Dieter R. from Memmingen, engineer

neodrives drive system Z20

The neodrives system has three components: a motor, a battery and an LCD. Get to know the individual components of the drive system and their advantages. 

E-bike brands with neodrives

City, trekking or cargo bike. Many bicycle manufacturers install drive systems from neodrives. Here you will find an overview of all brands.

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